Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Essay M1


 Essay M1

     This is the first year in Payara high school.I like this school because I can share my data with my friend and teacher.I think I like science because I like to try new things and make experiment so I like it.
     My highlight of this year is I will have competition in riding a horse because I think that in grade six, I prepare for the exam to the new school and I can't ride a horse or have some competition of riding horse.I think that is a year, I will manage my time for study and ride a horse.Moreover, I want to find a new thing about science because I think I want to be a veterinary doctor to help animals.In the next year, I will help my mother and my father to study hard and play football of my brother.I want to take care my brother because he will contract with his football team in Thailand(Bangkok Glass F.C.) so He will study hard and prepare for his football team every day.In M.2 I want to be an expert on Science.I will improve my speech and my report about science(Biology, Chemical)

Amazing Clouds

Amazing clouds

This is Cirrus cloud.The important thing which is amazing because it looks thin and like feather clouds.It made of ice crystals.Cloud is white.Ice crystal made from originating from the freezing of collided water droplets.I like it because it is thin and like a feather in the sky.

This is a cumulous cloud.This important thing is fluffy and puffy.A color of this cloud is white.It being in low-level clouds are generally less than 1000 m.In altitude, unless they are more vertical cumulus. I like this cloud because of it like cotton candy so it makes me feel hungry.

This is stratus cloud.This important thing is a big and flat cloud.A color of this cloud is gray.It means rain.If it is will like snow.I like this cloud because of it is big and flat.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The effect of gravity on speed

The effect of gravity on speed

1. Describe how the ball rolls off the ramp at height -discuss the effect of bouncing or other factors ?

Answer - It rolls the fastest when box height is 20 cm. in this experiment.
             - Height about 40 cm.,the ball will roll slower than box height 20 cm.
             - Height about  60 cm the ball will roll the slowest of all box height/
             - Height about 60 cm ,the ball will bouncing and can't go through the floor.

2. Discuss what is the fastest speed reached and any factors that could improve this ?

Answer The box that height 20 cm, the ball will go the fastest because slope of this height is not to steep so it don't use lots of energy for go through the floor.

3.Does the ball travel in straight line,why or why not ?

Answer No, because it has factor that can make ball doesn't travel in straight line such as slope of surface, person who release the ball and wind

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Acid rain

Acid rain

Image result for cause of acid rain

Do you know what is acid rain? I think someone knows it but I think almost people don't know so this will help you to know more than in the past.Acid rain is rainfall that has acid in it and it comes from atmospheric pollution.Cause is  has two type are lose environment or variance environment and another one is human,first lets start with environment volcanic emission.It is come from volcanoes that erupting acid producing gases so the environment or troposphere so it create create higher than normal amounts of acid rain.other hand is human because human build company or factory that is has many pollution in the air so it has higher acid in the sky,it has acid rain.

Effect is ...........

  Image result for effect of acid rain Image result for effect of acid rain

The tree in forest will don't have leave because acid rain already burn leaves or forest damage.After acid rain  rain the lakes and other various water will get acid rain than it can't use because it is dangerous.Moreover that the soil that is take acid can't use because cell in animal that help soil get very good to plant die and can't help again and pH is soil is change so some trees that can't leave if pH is soil is change.Human's skin can't take acid rain along because acid rain have acidic and can burn their can't plant vegetable or other thing and people who plant it or farmers don't have any money.

cure is........
Don't use plant to burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
instead of coals

Wednesday, 31 August 2016



Glass is producer to take sunlight and then it will photosynthesis to make a food in itself and give to animal that eat it .

Ant is eat grass to has an energy foe walking or other. Primary consumer

Bird is eat ant to have an energy for walking or other. Last consumer

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Symbiosis project

Symbiosis Project

  1. What is you learn about symbiosis

We study about  Protocooperation, Predation and Competition that it was amazing because in      protocooperation is where two organism or species interact it each other beneficially. They live in same
place . For example, buffalo and bird (Acridotheres)because  bird eat food from buffalo's skin and and when bird eat food,buffalo will clean it's skin. Predation is  the two organism or more than that is hunting by in ecosystem has predation to kill prey.Predation is animal that is hunting other prey or animal such as lion and tiger . In prey such as zebra and pig.Example of predation is lion and zebra because lion is predation and zebra is a prey to eat because lion is omnivore so it must hunting zebra to eat.Competition is fight of two organism fight for things to survive for example tree and other tree is try to get sunlight to grow up.

Image result for lion zebra

2. about your group

My group is the best group in my group in my mind because we help each other to get the best poster.In my group it has team work to brainstorm.