Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Science topics

Science Topics

My favorite activity is terrarium because I have to put the plants in my bottle and I feed fish and shrimp.Moreover that I like to observe and do an experiment with the animals,but sometimes I thing it is disgusting because it has fungus and bacteria in my bottle.

My least favorite activity is scientific method because it is boring and I think it has a lot of the steeps and I can't remember it.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016




  • Lions use their high speed to catch zebra.
  • Lion is  hiding to catch zebra.
  • Lion use weapons to kill zebra.
  • Zebra use it's defence to attack lion.
  • Zebra will grouping to fight lion together.
  • Zebra use high speed to escape.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Fish lab experiment (after 2 weeks)

Fish Lab (after 2 weeks)

  • I think temperature and oxygen of the water because if it very hot they will can't adapt to their new home .Moreover that oxygen is less than in the past because fish and plant want to use it to breath in the water so if the temperature and oxygen is still normal fish and shrimp won't died.


  • Fish and shrimp are died.
  • Plants in the bottle change  from green to yellow because it start to has fungus and in the water I see a lot of fungus.


  • They has lots of sunlight so the temperate is hot in the water.
  • Water is dirty so they aren't still normal.
  • They can't adaptation to temperature .

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Fish Lab

Fish lab


hypothesis :Fish and shrimp can live in 1 week because the food is enough to live in the water


  • The first time fish have enough oxygen.
  • The first time shrimp doesn't have enough oxygen .
  • In the bottle ,it has one of  shrimp and one of fish. When they are in the water they must test temperature and adapt in their new home.
  • In the first shrimp live on water surface because it can't adapt their life in its home.
# This observation doesn't perfect so that we must  observe this case better.

  • Some jars change color to yellow because in water there is not enough oxygen and have carbon dioxide more than in the past.
  • Fish and shrimp dependent on plant by plant receive sunlight and take sunlight into food and animals will eat it too live.
  • Animals give carbon dioxide to plants and plants will change carbon dioxide to oxygen and animals can live in the better water.
  • This ecosystem is the best of animals and plants to live in the bottle that we can prepare them.
  • In the future (one week) animals will hard to live it because food in the water is decrease than the first time 
  •  Water will turn to yellow because we close the bottle and everyday animals and plants use oxygen to live  so that oxygen will decrease everyday and doesn't have oxygen to instead in the water.
  • Animals will die because there isn't oxygen to live.
  • There isn't enough sunlight to plants to synthetic underneath and then it will make food to animals.
  • There isn't enough food to animal and they will die
  • Ecosystem doesn't have ecological integrity.


  • Fish live because it can adapt their new home.
  • Plant get sunlight to make oxygen and food to fish.
  • Another group open a little bottle to give oxygen to fish and plants.
  • Find area that have sunlight and open a little bottle to give oxygen to it.Moreover that y group will go to the lab to check water and food to fish