Wednesday, 31 August 2016



Glass is producer to take sunlight and then it will photosynthesis to make a food in itself and give to animal that eat it .

Ant is eat grass to has an energy foe walking or other. Primary consumer

Bird is eat ant to have an energy for walking or other. Last consumer

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Symbiosis project

Symbiosis Project

  1. What is you learn about symbiosis

We study about  Protocooperation, Predation and Competition that it was amazing because in      protocooperation is where two organism or species interact it each other beneficially. They live in same
place . For example, buffalo and bird (Acridotheres)because  bird eat food from buffalo's skin and and when bird eat food,buffalo will clean it's skin. Predation is  the two organism or more than that is hunting by in ecosystem has predation to kill prey.Predation is animal that is hunting other prey or animal such as lion and tiger . In prey such as zebra and pig.Example of predation is lion and zebra because lion is predation and zebra is a prey to eat because lion is omnivore so it must hunting zebra to eat.Competition is fight of two organism fight for things to survive for example tree and other tree is try to get sunlight to grow up.

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2. about your group

My group is the best group in my group in my mind because we help each other to get the best poster.In my group it has team work to brainstorm.