Thursday, 3 November 2016

Acid rain

Acid rain

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Do you know what is acid rain? I think someone knows it but I think almost people don't know so this will help you to know more than in the past.Acid rain is rainfall that has acid in it and it comes from atmospheric pollution.Cause is  has two type are lose environment or variance environment and another one is human,first lets start with environment volcanic emission.It is come from volcanoes that erupting acid producing gases so the environment or troposphere so it create create higher than normal amounts of acid rain.other hand is human because human build company or factory that is has many pollution in the air so it has higher acid in the sky,it has acid rain.

Effect is ...........

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The tree in forest will don't have leave because acid rain already burn leaves or forest damage.After acid rain  rain the lakes and other various water will get acid rain than it can't use because it is dangerous.Moreover that the soil that is take acid can't use because cell in animal that help soil get very good to plant die and can't help again and pH is soil is change so some trees that can't leave if pH is soil is change.Human's skin can't take acid rain along because acid rain have acidic and can burn their can't plant vegetable or other thing and people who plant it or farmers don't have any money.

cure is........
Don't use plant to burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
instead of coals

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