Monday, 20 November 2017

Exploring color

Exploring color


-  Flashlight
- Red filter
- Blue filter
-Green filter
-Yellow filter
-Purple filter


Activity A:
1. look at the monitor
2. r+g, r+b, b+g
3.  work with another group—put a color paddle over flashlight, shine on white paper—so a red, a green, and a blue

Activity b
3.  view white paper through color paddles—record results
4.  view colored objects through color paddles
5.  if you have time, do activity b—color by subtraction--

- When putting red and blue paddles then, turn on the flashlight it will change color to be a violent color.On the other hand, we can see that when we use red and green colored paddles to mix it up color will become an orange colored.This lab experiment will take our get better score from this lesson because of when students do it for know everything they can get better in knowing things.We can know that when we add more color such as blue, red, and green paddles.These three color will change into white color.

Color by subtraction

Red + Blue = Violent or purple
It changes from red and blue that will add completely becomes violent.Moreover, if we put the flashlight on the white paper we can see clearly.The result is Magneta

Red + Green = Yellow
I put red and green paddles and then I turn on the flashlight to pass through them.It changes color to be a yellow color.The way that we can see more clearly is put the light on a white paper.The result is Cyan

Blue + Red = Green

I put red and blue paddles together and then these color will change color into green when we turn on the flashlight pass through it which we can see clearly when we turn off the light and put the flashlight on a white paper.The result is Green

Color by addition

When putting red and blue paddles then, turn on the flashlight it will change color to be a violent color.On the other hand, we can see that when we use red and green colored
paddles to mix it up color will become an orange colored.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Crystallization of Milk

Crystallization of Milk Report


1. We have to prepare the material before doing the experiment
2. Put milk inside the zip lock bag
3. Put the ice in bucket and put ice on only one side
4. Then, put the zip lock bag on that side
5. Put the ice on top the zip lock bag and put salt on it
6. Push and pull the ice to the zip lock bag by test tube rack.Do this step until the milk freeze and put some toppings in the zip lock bag.
7. Take out ice cream to box and enjoy eating


- Test tube rack
- Ice
- Salt
- Bucket
- Glass
- Spoon
- Zip lock bag
- Milk

Result after the experiment

It uses a long time to make the milk to freeze like ice-cream which we use ice and put salt on the top of the ice which is the best way to keep a low temperature.The ice-cream tastes good when we put the topping on the top.This experiment we want to test crystallization of milk and know how milk is crystallization.

Question after the experiment

1)  why do we add salt to the ice?

Ans. It makes ice to freeze together and can keep the cooling more than in the past.Moreover, it will melt slower and make low temperature.

2)   why do we add the cookies and other things, only after the milk has frozen slightly

Ans. When we add the stuff inside ice cream, it will take a long time to freeze.

3)  what are two factors that affect the freezing you think?

Ans. Movement and temperature

4)  why do you need a bit of air in the bag?

Ans. We need air to have space to touch the ice or to make a milk move to contact the ice.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Stony lab

Stony Lab



Today's lab is very interesting for me because I never try this experiment before so I have to find the mass by old scales and then I put the stone in a beaker that already has 250 ml.Then I use a cylinder to get some water that is more than 250ml.Finally, I find the density.

7. Calculate the density of each of your mineral samples.How could you use the densities to identify the minerals?

I find the mass first because it is the easily way to find because it uses scales to find.Then I use the method that finds the volume by displacement.Finally, use the density to find it by density is equal to mass over volume. 

Key Concept Would density or color be more useful in identifying a particular mineral?Explain your answer.

Density is very useful in physic because when we have to find the particular mineral we have to use this because it is the easy way to find.Moreover, each mineral has different density and this is the method to classify each mineral.

Color is probably the easiest property to observe. Unfortunately, you can rarely identify a mineral only by its color. Sometimes, different minerals are the same color. For example, you might find a mineral that is a gold color, and so think it is gold. But it might actually be pyrite, or “fool's gold,” which is made of iron and sulfide. It contains no gold atoms.


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Writing assignment

Technology from human is the Effect to Environment

Acid rain

     It makes a lot of things in the environment to be bad because acid rain means rain has pH below than seven so it will damage the tree.After it damages, the tree can't make a food for animals to eat because it doesn't have a chlorophyll to get sunlight and gas carbon dioxide to make food.Moreover, if it falls in the water or river.Fish at the river will die because at the river has pH less than seven so fish can't adapt their life in the river and die.

Image result for acid rain

Coal Pollution

Coal pollution is the cause of acid rain because it has sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide.particulate matter and heavy metals so that it can make lots of pollutions.For example, smog, acid rain, and toxins in the environment.If it has a lot, the earth has a greenhouse effect and some animals can't adapt and die.

Nuclear power

It will make a greenhouse gas in the world and lots of pollution too so you can't breath comfortable so you and animals will die if you stay outside all day.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Essay M1


 Essay M1

     This is the first year in Payara high school.I like this school because I can share my data with my friend and teacher.I think I like science because I like to try new things and make experiment so I like it.
     My highlight of this year is I will have competition in riding a horse because I think that in grade six, I prepare for the exam to the new school and I can't ride a horse or have some competition of riding horse.I think that is a year, I will manage my time for study and ride a horse.Moreover, I want to find a new thing about science because I think I want to be a veterinary doctor to help animals.In the next year, I will help my mother and my father to study hard and play football of my brother.I want to take care my brother because he will contract with his football team in Thailand(Bangkok Glass F.C.) so He will study hard and prepare for his football team every day.In M.2 I want to be an expert on Science.I will improve my speech and my report about science(Biology, Chemical)

Amazing Clouds

Amazing clouds

This is Cirrus cloud.The important thing which is amazing because it looks thin and like feather clouds.It made of ice crystals.Cloud is white.Ice crystal made from originating from the freezing of collided water droplets.I like it because it is thin and like a feather in the sky.

This is a cumulous cloud.This important thing is fluffy and puffy.A color of this cloud is white.It being in low-level clouds are generally less than 1000 m.In altitude, unless they are more vertical cumulus. I like this cloud because of it like cotton candy so it makes me feel hungry.

This is stratus cloud.This important thing is a big and flat cloud.A color of this cloud is gray.It means rain.If it is will like snow.I like this cloud because of it is big and flat.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The effect of gravity on speed

The effect of gravity on speed

1. Describe how the ball rolls off the ramp at height -discuss the effect of bouncing or other factors ?

Answer - It rolls the fastest when box height is 20 cm. in this experiment.
             - Height about 40 cm.,the ball will roll slower than box height 20 cm.
             - Height about  60 cm the ball will roll the slowest of all box height/
             - Height about 60 cm ,the ball will bouncing and can't go through the floor.

2. Discuss what is the fastest speed reached and any factors that could improve this ?

Answer The box that height 20 cm, the ball will go the fastest because slope of this height is not to steep so it don't use lots of energy for go through the floor.

3.Does the ball travel in straight line,why or why not ?

Answer No, because it has factor that can make ball doesn't travel in straight line such as slope of surface, person who release the ball and wind