Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Writing assignment

Technology from human is the Effect to Environment

Acid rain

     It makes a lot of things in the environment to be bad because acid rain means rain has pH below than seven so it will damage the tree.After it damages, the tree can't make a food for animals to eat because it doesn't have a chlorophyll to get sunlight and gas carbon dioxide to make food.Moreover, if it falls in the water or river.Fish at the river will die because at the river has pH less than seven so fish can't adapt their life in the river and die.

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Coal Pollution

Coal pollution is the cause of acid rain because it has sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide.particulate matter and heavy metals so that it can make lots of pollutions.For example, smog, acid rain, and toxins in the environment.If it has a lot, the earth has a greenhouse effect and some animals can't adapt and die.

Nuclear power

It will make a greenhouse gas in the world and lots of pollution too so you can't breath comfortable so you and animals will die if you stay outside all day.

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